About Us

COPCO is a cosmetic package supplier located in China, providing high quality packages for cosmetics, personal care and haircare products. 

Purpose - Best packaging solution

Our purpose is to help you to find best solution for your package needs. With our team's efforts, your sourcing can be faster and easier. We have a wide range of products, including bottles, jars and tubes with closures or dispensers.Diversified options can be offered, to fulfill your needs and satisfy you customer more.

Culture - Team

In COPCO we value team culture, not just inside COPCO, purchaser, QC and sales work as a team, but also manufacturers are working as a team member with us to serve your needs. And we consider ourselves as a team member of yours, hand in hand we work together to satisfy your clients’ requirements. It’s the TEAM which makes us walking at the same pace and gets the best package solution done. 

Value - Product

COPCO has close relationship with many manufactures in China. All of them have advanced production facility and a full integrated manufacturing system. While our company’s specialty is service, including quality control, supplier management and export logistics. We goes all over China to understand the market orientation and grasp the development of beauty industry in time, sharing the latest package innovation with you.

COPCO is a modernized organization in management which is ISO9001:2008 certified. We provide package solutions, control quality and provide post-sales service to you. Looking forward to working with you soon.